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Individual Addiction Counseling

50 minute telehealth session

  • 50 minutes
  • 125 US dollars
  • Private Zoom Link

Service Description

While you work with Todd you will find strategies for managing addiction disorders. Whether you struggle with an addiction to a substance, food, sex, gambling, porn, cigarettes, video gaming, pain, being in a relationship, or working Todd will work with you to create a structure to relieve the addictive behaviors and help you feel that you are in control of your life and not your addiction. You are not your addiction or your behavior. Tools you will find in sessions with Todd: -Ways to manage impulsive behaviors and thoughts -Philosophical tools for self awareness -Dialectical Behavioral skills -Acceptance and Commitment therapeutic tools so that you can create commitment in your life around what you really value -Cognitive Behavioral therapeutic tools and skills -Psychoeducation around addiction "There is some spiritual urgency when it comes to addiction...when you are high on anything there is a desire to transcend your situation and that addiction can help you do might want to elevate out of their challenging situation" -Todd Fink Todd will create a safe space for you to explore your wonder and find sustainable and healthy ways to transcend and elevate out of your behaviors.

Contact Details


Holistic Energy Centre, Butterfield Road, Warrenville, IL, USA

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