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Essential Oils

Revolutionize the way you manage your health using some of nature’s most powerful elements. 

Why Essential Oils?

They are a great tool for helping you focus and get grounded for mediation, journaling, yoga, or any practice that encourages you to go inward.

Mood and emotions

Stress releases a hormone called cortisol in our bodies, leading our brains to go into “fight or flight” mode. Inhaling certain essential oils can help signal to our bodies to release those stress hormones and help us relax.

Health benefits

Essential oils can provide many different health benefits from aiding you in your digestion, to supporting healthy sleep, to relief from physical discomfort.

Essential oils you can trust.

It’s important to consider where you are getting your oils from. Nowadays, you can get essential oils at the gas station, your local grocery store, or anywhere online. Here’s what to watch out for when choosing the right essential oil.


Just like the quality of your food or supplements, it's important to consider the quality of the essential oils you are using. doTERRA is an essential oil company that provides the highest quality oils, they are the most tested, the most trusted, and the largest essential oil company in the world.


Our essential oils are 100% plant-based, extracted directly from plants, and up to 70x more effective than using herbs. They have been tested to be 100% natural and safe with no side effects.


doTERRA essential oils permeate the cell membrane and are more effective than modern approaches to various health issues.

How You Can Use Essential Oils

Image by Darius Bashar
  • Aromatic

The easiest and fastest way to affect your mood and state of mind while supporting your respiratory system

  • Topical

Dilute with a carrier oil (any oil you can use on your skin) and apply to a localized spot for relaxation or focus

  • Internal

Use a drop of certain essential oils directly under your tongue or in your water bottle to balance your pH levels.

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Image by Janine Joles
For Anxious Feelings
  • Lavender

  • Wild Orange

  • Cedarwood

Image by Rayia Soderberg
For Self-Care
  • Grapefruit

  • Magnolia

  • Frankincense

Image by Nikita Turkovich
For Stress
  • Adaptiv System

  • Copaiba

  • Peppermint

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