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 Nature Sessions 
 with Laura 

 Creating healing experiences through walks in  nature that empower your wellness journey so you  can live your best life 

Meet Your Therapist

Many people don't know their next steps toward a personalized approach to wellness. At Laura Listens, we use counseling, essential oils, yoga, life coaching, and other healing experiences to create a wellness plan that helps you release your negative emotions and create space for your best self. 



Laura is ...

a caring counselor and yoga instructor that has been in the field of mental health for almost 16 years. 


Her passion...

revolves around helping people grow, move through transitions in their lives, and using essential to help shift energy. 


She loves ...

to connect with people, explore nature, and find new ways to grow in her spirituality.

Develop lifestyle habits to maintain a healthy, meaningful life.

We are a safe, supportive, and inclusive space for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Paper Heart


"My biggest fear is happiness. After a workout I wouldn't reward myself, that is the biggest thing I have learned and will take to heart that life is about taking risks. Laura helped me understand that this life is a rollercoaster and you have to enjoy it and learn to love yourself and let go of the past and look forward to the future and never say never. "

- Yoga Client

" Laura has a calming and patient presence and it was the stability and foundation that I looked forward to each week and has helped me create all of the changes and progress in my life with my mental health. Thank you for showing me the value of taking care of myself." 

- Client

"Laura has helped me process through some very difficult times and helped me work through some very tough feelings. Laura is an inspiration, her wisdom, her immense heart, and her gracious presence have been life-altering for me."

- Client

Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves


Laura Listens

Chicago IL, USA

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